The Woodstock String Quartet

Performing in Concert, Chamber Series, Weddings, Parties, Recordings, Soundtracks

Offering the Highest Professional Quality Performance of Strings in Studio Recordings,
WSQ has Arranged and Recorded Strings for Major Recordings & Recording Stars as:

  • Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespear Rhythm Killers Million Seller Platinum Album.
               Recorded on Island, Produced by Bill Laswell and Carl Berger

  • Dinosaur Jr's Two Albums on Columbia Records

  • Space Hog's Hit Album

  • Orbits' Hit Album

  • Sunny Day Real Estate's Hit Album

  • Steve Berg's Production Album of Robbie Cooper

  • Most Recently, Recorded the entire 'Strings' Soundtrack for The Movie "STEEP",
    a movie about Extreme Skiing.


Add The Strength Of Strings To Your Wedding Ceremony, With the "Woodstock Strings"
- Quartets, Trios, Duos or Solo.

      Savor the sweet sounds of The Woodstock Strings, played at your Wedding, making it a truly memorable experience, as so many other happy and satified couples can say, after having The Woodstock String Quartet play at their Wedding...

"... Thanks for your outstanding performance during our ceremony and cocktail hour. All of our guests loved your music - it really added to the overall ambience. We're glad that the arrangements worked for you, and we will surely recommend you to others - feel free to use us as future references. Best wishes ..."         - A Satisfied Married Couple, June, 2000.

      The couple who thanked us actually sent us sheet music of a special song they wanted us to play, which we wound up playing for their Ceremony.

      We play special requests of any song, or any instrumental piece, from Classical to Jazz, Rock to Pop, in any Genre, as long as we have the music. If we don't have it in our repetoire, and you can provide the sheet music for us, then we can play it. If you can't get the music, but want to hear that favorite piece of music or favorite song played at your wedding, we can write the arrangement of it for our group to play, so that you can have your favorite piece or song played at your Wedding.

      The Sounds of Strings somehow add a magical and mystical quality to the overall atmoshere of your wedding ceremony, making it a bubbly light and truly romantic occasion, one that everyone attending will enjoy and remember.

      Let The Strength Of Our Strings Bond the Strings of Your Hearts Together Forever! Let the Sweet Love Songs played by the Sensitive Sounds of the Woodstock Strings give you the strength as a new couple to - (as Thoreau says) - "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, and live the life you have imagined", with each other, in Love.

      Let Your Love Abound, with the sweet String Sound, of Music.
And remember - "Without music, life would be a mistake." - Nietzsche.

      To add the Ambience of Strings to your Wedding Ceremony, (and/or Cocktail Hour, or Reception, or both), call on the Woodstock String Quartet. Let the "Strength Of Strings" stengthen the Strings of your Hearts with classical, popular, and romantic music, adding the soft sounds of a string quartet, providing a romantic love soundscape to enhance your wedding, making it the truly memorable occasion you need it to be.

      The Woodstock String Quartet offers a wide variety of Sounds, including different combinations of Strings, as "The Woodstock Strings". We can provide Trios, Duos, and even Solo instrumentation for your Wedding Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, and Reception. We can help you celebrate during any one, two or all three of these very important Phases of your Wedding Celebration, from one hour, up to three or four hours, or more. Prices range according to Time, Number of Players, and Distance.

As The Woodstock Strings

      The Woodstock Strings can provide any style of music that your Wedding Celebration calls for. Any of our groups - Quartet, Trio, Duo, & Solo, can deliver this guarantee. "Any and All Music" is our motto.

      The Repetoire includes All Genres of Music, ranging from Early Rennaissance, Baroche, Classical, Romantic, Modern, Popular, Rock, Jazz & Joplin. This opens the door to a 'Theme' style Wedding Ceremony, wherein you may choose whatever style (or styles, including All styles) of music you wish to compliment your unique Theme. For example, one couple might choose to have a 'Joplin' Reception Line & Cocktail Hour, which sets an entirely different mood than the couple who chooses a 'Vivaldi' Wedding Ceremony, featuring Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, followed by a predominately 'Early Classical Music' setting Cocktail Hour. You decide, it's Your Wedding.

      The Woodstock Strings can perform any of the above genres using any combination of Strings - that is - Quartet, Trio, Duo, and Solo, although our preference is String Quartet, because it gives the richest quality of sound.

So let the Strength of The Woodstock Strings Bond the Strings of Your Hearts during your Wedding Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, & Reception, for any one, two or all three of these majorly important functions.

Call WSQ at (845) 247-6121 and ask for the Woodstock String Quartet.

To Contract The Woodstock String Quartet, or any other of The Woodstock Strings Groups, for Recordings, Concerts, Chamber Music, Weddings or Parties, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Celebrations, and Other Importanat Events:
Please contact us by any of the following methods:

TEL: (845) 247-6121; Ask for Rob Turner
FAX: (845) 382-9753; Att: WSQ


- OR - if you prefer a smaller string group, such as a Trio, Duo or Solo, then use the following email addresses:

- OR - you can contact Rob personally, using the following email address:

(For all Emailings, put "WSQ" in the Subject Line).

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